dylan hyde

At the tender age of three, Dylan’s mother was awestruck when he picked up a microphone during a “family karaoke night” and revealed his incredible voice. What was even more astonishing, was that Dylan was diagnosed as clinically deaf in both ears.  

That was the turning point for Dylan, and as doctors worked to improve his hearing, his mother continued to nurture his talent, igniting a passion for music. He taught himself to play the guitar, then the piano and was completely immersed in music through songwriting and production.  Dylan discovered that “the more involved he was in the creative process, the more artistic he became. ”

Motivated by his rapidly growing fan base, Dylan and his family moved from his hometown of San Diego to Los Angeles.  He was generating a buzz within music industry circles, garnering the attention of legendary producers, writers and label executives. Dylan eventually caught the attention of EP Entertainment CEO’s Robert Eleazer and Tony Perez who signed him immediately.  Dylan was instantly put to work in the studio with fellow label mate Sebastian Kole who would help him along with Robert and Tony to develop his sound.

Through EP Entertainment, Dylan has created an incredible body of work, which is set to release in 2017. Today’s listening audience calls for a higher standard when it comes to music, seeking a distinct voice, relaying a true and relatable message Dylan’s latest project manages to deliver this. His gentle and charismatic charm combine to create an almost magnetic draw through his hauntingly soulful tone and heartfelt message.

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Dylan hyde