No longer the shrinking violet, today’s female is a renegade and warrior, intertwining femininity and tenacity, enter seventeen year old Sylah. This multifaceted talent with a distinct voice, has been influenced by some of the most significant artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac, Alannis Morrisette and Madonna. Sylah’s organic and raw tone, has a smooth texture, but hidden behind her fiery green eyes, beats the heart of a soldier.


Sylah plays several instruments, including the violin, piano and a little saxophone, more often than not though, you’ll notice the guitar slung over her shoulder. She hopes to affect the musical landscape through her self expression, she is a rebellious, yet sweet teenage spirit. In short, Sylah is the embodiment of what today’s young woman strives to be, whether sitting in the cockpit, as a co-pilot next to her Dad or rocking the perfect look for the red carpet, she’s definitely one to watch.




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