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miles Morrison

Some of the most memorable artists of our time have made their mark by simply being themselves, the risk- takers, the outcasts, the outspoken, the eccentrics, and those who have defied the norm.  They inspire us to step outside of ourselves just like up and coming artist Miles Morrison; an innovative talent with no regard for the imposed rules and restrictions of everyday life.


Miles was a late bloomer in music, growing up just outside of Flint, Michigan in Fenton, he was always drawn to the spotlight. He found a creative outlet through his education where he took an interest in film, determined to rise above his simple roots.  As an adolescent raised by a single mother, he prepared for a bright future and focused on school.  Miles was granted a scholarship to Arizona State University where he made the dean’s list and excelled. He was bright, driven and on his way to a successful life.  


In his Sophomore year however, things started to take a turn when he began to experiment with drug use which drew him further into the creative arts. His perception had changed, altering his mindset, his passion took over. Miles had an overwhelming need to create and shifted his entire focus into music, film-making, and screenwriting. He eventually dropped out of school and followed his best friend to California, against his family’s advice. With only $2,220 in his pocket, he risked it all and “started from zero” in a new place. 


Miles had no real plan, his only thought was to “stay the course” and pursue his dream. He was inspired by artists like Freddie Mercury, Eminem, Eddie Vedder, Lil Wayne, Jim Morrison and Jay Z. He respects the way hip-hop artists “carry their empire” and admires their rhyme schemes, while the classic rock artists have a sound and message that speak to him. His creative process derives from an energy in the studio, where he thrives in the moment and prefers to create from scratch. He spent four years constantly grinding in the studio with producer HNNBL, who helped him find his sound and was also the first to ever record him.  While in California, he fearlessly tested out his ability at various parties, free-styling lyrics to different crowds and constantly finding ways to connect with people.  Miles is not limited by environment, he’s performed in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in California, venues where he paid to perform, and some of his friends even refused to attend. 


As he continued to record, Miles caught the attention of industry A&R Exec, Raj Jadeja who stayed in contact while he was developing his music. In 2018, Raj introduced Miles’ music to the CEOs of EP Entertainment who were immediately drawn to his sound and requested a meeting. Shortly after their initial meeting, Miles began working with EP and was eventually brought to Epic Records where he was signed through a joint venture.


Miles is compelled to deliver a message that’s relatable, to let listeners know, “love yourself, be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, whoever you are, it’s okay.” His arena is a judgment free zone, where he embraces challenge and shows love to everyone. His grandfather told him, “treat everybody the same, from the CEO to the janitor, everybody’s been through something.” Miles’ lyrics and music are emotional, impassioned, exciting and real. “Fortune favors the bold” and he will continue to break the walls through a limitless, mind-blowing and powerful multimedia experience debuting in 2020.

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