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Kole quickly snapped the industry to attention in 2015 with his co-writing skills on Alessia Cara’s insightful double-platinum debut single, “Here.” This year, television viewers have been treated not once but four times to his lyrical prowess, and warm, soulful vocals; through syncs of his songs (“Home,” “Love’s on the Way”, “Love Doctor” & “Remember Home”) on ABC’s popular long-running series Grey’s Anatomy and the ABC Network's Music Lounge. Now the full measure of Kole’s multi- faceted talent as a songwriter, singer, producer and instrumentalist will take center stage with the May 13 release of his self-titled, five-song EP on EP Entertainment/Motown.

“If love had a Snapchat, it would be this EP,” says Kole. “It’s just these honest little burbs about what love goes through. Check out focus track “Carry On,” for instance. Centered around the painful aftermath that comes with a breakup, the mid-tempo track brims with vulnerability, wistfulness— and struggling fortitude. “Heaven knows I’ve lied to myself / Said I’m better o alone,” sings Kole before his supple tenor picks up the refrain: “But somehow we’ll carry on / I’ll tell myself just one more drink, I’ll be fine / We’ll carry on /She’ll share her feelings with her pillow each night / We’ll carry on …”

That same potent lyricism flows throughout the four other songs comprising the EP. In addition to the aforementioned syncs featured on Grey’s Anatomy, there’s the ballad “Pour Me” about escaping life through drink.

Beyond his brilliant knack for telling stories with his expressive tenor, the Birmingham, Alabama native has also crafted an eclectic mashup of southern gospel and blues with pop, soul, jazz, rock and classical. It's a sound he labels simply as SOUP: Southern Urban Pop. SOUP was released October 7th and the response is overwhelming. 

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Sebastian Kole



Sebastian Kole